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Paddington Society's Latest Submission - The revised White City DA by the Hakoak Club - April 2019

The current White City Development Proposal by the Hakoak Club doesn't meet modern design principles. Below is The Paddington Society's latest submission to Woollahra Council on the planning process about to be referred to the SECPP (the South Eastern City Planning Panel) for further review...

"The Paddington Society believes the design of this Development Application, as approved, with the proposed amendment is poorly conceived and resolved and is thus struggling to meet the objectives of the applicant. It will result in an overbearing built form, which will damage Sydney Grammar Preparatory School, near residential neighbours and the wider urban fabric of Paddington, one of Australia’s most significant heritage conservation areas.

"As such we request the applicant to engage in meaningful and proper consultation with the key stakeholders including:
•   Sydney Grammar School,
•   Paddington residents, especially those adjacent to the site and in nearby streets,
•   The Paddington Society, as the long-term custodian and expert in achieving effective
and sympathetic developments in Paddington,
•   Woollahra Council.

"We believe that such a process could and should lead to a better outcome for the applicant, adversely affected nearby landowners, and Paddington as a whole..."


READ the full submission here, complete with detailed 3D perspectives prepared by our Volunteer Architects Team to demonstrate how a bit of clear thinking can get better results for all the stakeholders (including the Paddington wider community).

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