Your opportunity to meet your Ward Councillors to discuss key issues in your area

Throughout the year, Woollahra Municipal Council (WMC) holds sessions for residents to meet their Ward Councillors and discuss key issues or concerns. Sessions are organised if there is high demand from the community and Councillors. These sessions are a forum to discuss general issues in your area.

The meeting for Paddington Ward will be held from 6:00pm-7:30pm, Tuesday 13 August at Woollahra Council Chambers. Light refreshments will be provided.

It will be important for Society members to attend to find out more about the Constitutional Referendum on 14 September 2024. In addition to voting for your elected representatives at the election, you will be asked to respond to a referendum question on reducing the number of councillors from 15 to 9.

The referendum question is:

“Do you favour reducing the total number of Councillors from 15 to 9?”

There are currently 15 councillors serving a population of 53,496 across five wards. A reduction in the number of councillors may result in a reduction of Wards across the Woollahra Council Local Government Area (including Paddington); with a possible reduction of 5 Wards to 3. If the majority of electors vote Yes to this proposal at the upcoming election, the reduction in the number of Councillors would come into effect for the term of Council commencing in 2028. Voting in the election and referendum is compulsory for Australian Citizens over the age of 18 years.

Meeting your Ward Councillors is an important part of understanding how any changes to WMC will affect you and is also a great opportunity to talk to Councilllors in person. Please ensure that you RSVP for this important meeting and attend on Tuesday 9 July.

If you would like to find out more or submit a question to WMC, please ensure your request is lodged by 12pm Friday 5 July.