Paddington’s sense of place and its significance results from a multi-layered interrelation of various built forms and spaces, plus historical and social values. Paddington is a living place which will continue to undergo change and development. Appropriate contemporary design and heritage preservation is encouraged and necessary if change is to occur in a manner which respects the significant characteristics of Paddington. The Paddington Society works with the community to ensure that these values are upheld.

Recognising potential misunderstandings about our objectives, we actively engage with the local community, government bodies, and regulatory entities overseeing Paddington’s management. In 2001, we formulated a forward-looking document called the “Vision for Paddington,” outlining our aspirations. This comprehensive plan not only anticipated the future of Paddington but also underscored the preservation of its unique historical elements, essential to defining the neighbourhood’s character.

Most residents in Paddington acknowledge and appreciate the heritage value of our suburb. They understand the importance of responsible development and value a public environment that mirrors the area’s character and heritage. The careful management and collaborative efforts of the Paddington community and local government have successfully preserved and enhanced heritage qualities in both the private and public domain. Objectives and controls aligned with heritage goals are consistently applied, reflecting our commitment to maintaining Paddington’s distinctive qualities.

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