To safeguard Paddington’s unique character amidst the ongoing development of homes, commercial buildings, streets, parks, and community facilities, it is vital to conduct careful pre-planning and thorough reviews. This responsibility applies to both residents and developers, as well as their architects and builders. It’s essential for all involved parties to be well-informed about Paddington’s Development Control Plans (DCPs) administered by the relevant council.

These detailed plans and policies were developed over many years by Woollahra Municipal Council and the City of Sydney, with input from professional staff and other planners, architects, and heritage officers. Councillors and Society Committee members were also contributors. The documents clearly indicate what restraints, materials, styles and impacts should be considered in order to build, renovate or re-develop any structure within the bounds of Paddington while maintaining its heritage significance.

A team of knowledgeable and dedicated Society members review and comment on a range of Development Applications submitted to both WMC and CoS. The society highlights impacts on the heritage values of Paddington or adverse contraventions to the DCP.

To the north Paddington is managed by WMC while to the south the CoS has planning control. The Society team reviews and makes submissions to both councils on a range of Development Applications. This process urges Councils to uphold their planning objectives for proposed developments. It also serves to help and protect residential amenity and the heritage of Paddington. WMC and CoS currently list new DA’s on their websites.

Managing Your Development Application

We recommend seeking professional advice before embarking on any proposal, planning, or construction. Architects will assist in developing your requirements in compliance with the relevant Local Environment Plan and Development Control Plans.

You can access the appropriate Development Controls online and enhance your application by reviewing the design guidelines through the links below. These documents provide guidelines, objectives and controls which seek to protect the significant character of Paddington while encouraging contemporary design which responds appropriately to that character.

Sections 2, 3 and 4 of The City of Sydney Development Control Plan 2012 are the most relevant to South Paddington. While this DCP applies to the whole of the City of Sydney LGA and to all building types these sections are the main ones that apply to heritage terraces.