The Paddington Society is proud to announce its new website, providing a rich and valuable community resource for historical and current information.

The Paddington Society Inc. is a community association dedicated to celebrating the distinctive qualities of Paddington, an early Victorian suburb nestled in the east of Sydney, NSW, Australia. Founded in 1964 and an incorporated association in New South Wales, the Society has a long history of successfully safeguarding Paddington’s unique heritage. Recognising the importance of conserving the qualities of this historic suburb, the Society is committed to ensuring that it lives on for generations.

With the launch of the new website at, Paddington residents and all interested parties can discover a wealth of resources. They can stay up to date with current news, issues, and local events and learn more about our activities and the history of Paddington.

Paddington BookVisitors to the website can also purchase the Society’s award-winning book “Paddington: A history”, edited by Greg Young.

“We’re delighted to unveil our new website, especially fitting in this, our 60th anniversary year! It represents a significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to promote awareness and appreciation of Paddington’s unique heritage,” said Society President Esther Hayter.

The website provides a convenient portal for residents and others to become members and manage membership subscriptions. In addition to other benefits, members can access members-only information, discounted purchases, and preferential pricing for the Society’s events.

“We hope to attract more members, especially newer arrivals to the area. Our new website can meet their needs and those of others in the community and beyond.”

Membership information and online registration for events are available for individuals interested in supporting the Society’s mission and objectives. By becoming members, individuals can actively contribute to conservation efforts and participate in various community initiatives to enhance and safeguard Paddington’s built and natural heritage for future generations.

The new website will provide regular news updates to help inform the community on heritage and development issues affecting Paddington and the Society’s engagement with these issues. The Society will also publish information and links to assist the community with their own engagement, assisting and enhancing participation.

The website was created in collaboration with digital solutions provider JMR Creative Design, whose principal, Peter May, is a Paddington resident. The resulting website is a testament to JMR’s creative and technical skills and serves as a comprehensive hub for residents, visitors, and heritage enthusiasts alike.

“We are grateful for JMR’s technical expertise and support throughout the development process,” said Esther. “Their partnership has been invaluable in bringing our vision for the website to life.”

Wonderful colour photos by Simon Wood Photography, specialising in architecture, landscape architecture, and design photography, further enhance the website.

“With its innovative design and comprehensive features, the site will serve as a digital destination for fostering community engagement, celebrating and conserving the character and qualities that make Paddington such a special place to live and visit.”

The development of The Paddington Society website was made possible through the collaborative efforts of the Society’s dedicated team including volunteers and the support of partners in the community.

The society invites everyone to explore the new website at and to join them in their mission to protect and celebrate the historic suburb of Paddington, Australia.

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