The proposed Oxford Street East Cycleway, located on the south side of Oxford Street, is set to join the Oxford Street West and Liverpool Street Cycleway currently under construction.

The Society supports the promotion of cycling in general but believes that improvements could be made to the TfNSW proposal and continues to work with stakeholders including Transport NSW, the City of Sydney Council plus local businesses and residents to ensure a balanced outcome for the proposed cycleway.

Transport NSW states:

The Oxford Street East Cycleway will deliver a 1.8-kilometre separated cycleway on Oxford Street to create a safer, more convenient route for bike riders between the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD.

“A cycleway will help rejuvenate Oxford Street by improving its amenity, encouraging people of all ages to ride bikes, making it safer for people riding bikes and helping reduce congestion, noise and pollution. There are numerous active transport projects underway or recently completed in the city and surrounding areas of Bondi Junction, Surry Hills/Darlinghurst, the CBD and Randwick. This is a missing link to connect these cycleways for safer travel between the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD.

The Oxford Street East Cycleway project proposes a two-way cycleway on the south side of Oxford Street between Paddington Gates and Taylor Square. It will change the allocation of road space, reducing four traffic lanes to two and retaining two bus lanes and kerbside parking. The cycleway will connect to the Centennial Park Cycleway, which has been completed. It will also connect to new cycleways on Liverpool and Oxford streets at Taylor Square. These are being delivered by the City of Sydney and are jointly funded by Transport for NSW. Together these cycleways will create a continuous separated cycleway corridor between the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD.

Building on early work by the City of Sydney, Transport prepared a high-level strategic design for the cycleway. In late-2022 and early-2023, Transport sought initial feedback, including from councils and other stakeholders, on an early design of the Oxford Street East Cycleway. We are now progressing a more detailed concept design for the cycleway.”

In June 2023 TfNSW began the aforementioned public consultation about the cycleway and engaged with the community by launching pop-up information sessions while door-knocking businesses along the proposed route. They received over 2,000 submissions, including our proposal, and have generated a report that summarises responses to frequently raised topics and outlines their next steps.

The Society proposed the concept ‘The Village High Street as a Place for People’ late in 2023. This was prepared to open eyes to the bigger picture of Paddington Village, recognise the needs of pedestrians and business operators in a High Street environment, and to draw attention to the detrimental effects of a segregated two-way dedicated cycleway, passing through a Village Centre.

Read the TfNSW Oxford Street East Cycleway Consultation Report (PDF, 11.73 MB), which includes our response.

During 2023 it was also announced that Woollahra Councillors reversed their previous position to support the proposed cycleway, opposing the proposition by a 7 to 6 vote. This supported the Society’s position which puts people and place first (in line with TfNSW’s own stated policy) ahead of cyclists, and proposes that Oxford Street be thought of primarily as a High Street and Village Centre. Around this time the contentious plan to deliver the cycleway on Oxford St which is one of Sydney’s busiest roads was called into question with the federal government’s $3.7m contribution off the table.

TfNSW states that throughout 2024; “We will continue to engage with the community and stakeholders.”

See TfNSW Oxford Street East Cycleway website for more information.

The Society continues to seek a balance of the use of Oxford Street as an important village centre, reinforcing its resident pedestrian usage and fostering the growth of commercial activity while maintaining cyclist, public transport and traffic movement at acceptable and safe levels. We continue to work with stakeholders towards a solution that attracts and retains visitors to Oxford Street while sharing the road space between people who drive, catch buses, ride bikes and walk.