Last Updated 2 July, 2024

The proposed Oxford Street East Cycleway, located on the south side of Oxford Street, is meant to provide the “missing link” between the CBD and Bondi Junction. The Society supports the promotion of cycling in general but believes that the “missing link “ need not go along Oxford Street East.

Read the TfNSW Oxford Street East Cycleway Consultation Report (PDF, 11.73 MB), which includes our response.

The Society has a different vision for Oxford Street Paddington. The Society continues to work with stakeholders including Transport NSW, the City of Sydney Council plus local businesses and residents to ensure an outcome that is best for Paddington.

The Oxford Street East Cycleway Project proposes a separated two-way cycleway on the south side of Oxford Street between Paddington Gates and Taylor Square.

This cycleway is being promoted as a high-priority missing link between Bondi Junction and the CBD.

Transport NSW states:

The Oxford Street East Cycleway will deliver a 1.8-kilometre separated cycleway on Oxford Street to create a safer, more convenient route for bike riders between the Eastern Suburbs and Sydney CBD.

See TfNSW Oxford Street East Cycleway website for more information.

The Society supports the promotion of cycling in general but believes that Oxford Street East should remain a place for people.

In late 2023, the Society proposed the concept ‘The Village High Street as a Place for People’. This was prepared to open eyes to the bigger picture of Paddington Village, recognise the needs of pedestrians and business operators in a High Street environment, and to draw attention to the detrimental effects of a segregated two-way dedicated cycleway, passing through a Village Centre.

This whole village concept takes into account the needs of all user groups to unify and invigorate Oxford Street as the centre of Paddington. At a time when society is reconsidering its approach to energy, sustainability and community, we believe this proposal demands very strong consideration.

Oxford Street Cycleway Plan A B C

We believe that the “missing link” does not have to be in Oxford Street East but should instead go down Moore Park Road, as proposed by The Three Saints Square Group and known as Plan C – The Integrated Paddington Plan.

The Plan C Proposal includes a separate, dedicated cycleway on Moore Park Road and shared lane cycling on Oxford Street as currently exists and includes;

  • A reduced speed limit
  • Right-hand turns retained
  • Current bus stops on footpaths are retained
  • Footpath improvements matching already existing in Paddington and Darlinghurst

The Plan C proposal was developed by The Three Saints Square Project and complements the Society’s proposal that allows the full development of Oxford Street as a High Street, from Centennial Park through to Taylor Square whilst providing a dedicated bikeway in the location preferred, at an earlier stage, by both The City of Sydney and BikEast and the current route of the temporary cycleway.

The separated cycleway would be aligned along Moore Park Road and Flinders Street and provide an express route to the city, allowing recreational cyclists the option of an alternative route along Oxford Street with reduced traffic speed.

This will allow the High Street (Oxford Street) to be improved to benefit the greater users of the Paddington Village Centre, the people on foot as described in The Paddington Society proposal including the widening of footpaths especially on the sunny southern side. Plan C also envisages a similar treatment in the Three Saints precinct, with the potential for outdoor dining on extended footpaths between South Dowling Street and Taylor Square.

Other benefits for Paddington, of Plan C, include the retention of all existing right-hand turns, and the retention of bus stops at kerb providing safety for all transport users.

During 2023 it was also announced that Woollahra Councillors reversed their previous position to support the proposed cycleway.. This supported the Society’s position which puts people and place first (in line with TfNSW’s own stated policy) ahead of cyclists, and proposes that Oxford Street be thought of primarily as a High Street and Village Centre. Around this time the contentious plan to deliver the cycleway on Oxford St which is one of Sydney’s busiest roads was called into question with the federal government’s $3.7m contribution off the table.

In December 2023 a group of community organisations including Business Partnership Paddington, The Paddington Society, Queen Street & West Woollahra Association and Three Saints Square Project together with Darlinghurst, Paddington and Woollahra community members wrote to Minister Jo Haylen to express concerns with the current proposal.

The Paddington Society will continue to support Oxford Street Paddington as being a place for people and not just a through corridor for vehicles and all other traffic.

Human Rights Commission Complaint – Island Bus Stops and the Oxford Street Cycleway

The SMH recently reported that six Paddington residents have lodged a formal complaint with the Australian Human Rights Commission centred on the island bus stops, which are part of the design of the cycleway; the complaint is based on the grounds that they discriminate against elderly and disabled pedestrians. They believe that aspects of the design will compromise the safety of people who are disabled or older and less mobile, and are in breach of two federal Acts: the Disability Discrimination Act and the Age Discrimination Act.

The Paddington Society maintains that a 2-way separated cycleway would be better located on the parallel route of Moore Park Road and that the busy Oxford Street High Street proposal prioritises cyclist safety over pedestrian safety.

If members and friends would like to comment or find out more, please email Michael Waterhouse.