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Lunch with Leo - "Digging into Paddinghton's vibrant past" - December 2018

A distingushed resident architect reaveals a splendid new history book . . .

Leo Schofield has lunch with Bill Morrison, architect, Paddington resident since the 1970s and Paddington Society Committee to explore  "Paddington, a history" a comprehensive new book released after 5 years in development, 352-pages, 200 photos, maps and illustrations, just in time for Christmas, over a designer beer and hearty steak at the 4-in-Hand pub, another Paddington icon.  Read their lunchtime reparte from the Wentworth Courier article (December 12, 2018 edition)  that begins  18,000 years ago in the book in Aboriginal Paddinghton, and picking out some more recent highlights too in one of Australia's oldest contemporary urban villages.  Read the article  right here. 

Robyn Attuell

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