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Submission by The Paddington Society on the Allianz Stadium Demolition Plan - July 2018

The Paddington Society (‘the Society’) submits its total opposition to the proposed demolition of the Sydney Football Stadium (Allianz Stadium) and Concept Plan for the construction of a new stadium with seating for 45,000 people.

Notification Period
The Paddington Society is dismayed that given the high level of community interest and concern in relation to this development proposal, that a period of only 28 days (20 working days) has been provided for the public to absorb a complex series of technical documents to understand the proposal and prepare a submission.

The Society notes that reference is made in the SSD documentation to ‘Reference Design Plans’. These appear not to be publicly available. The lack of public access to these key plans that express the detailed design objectives for the stadium underlines the lack of real community consultation and involvement in this proposal and community cynicism towards the consultation process.

Justification for Demolition - Business Case

The demolition of the existing stadium is an outrageous and unnecessary act. . .
See our complete submssion here (pdf associated)

Robyn Attuell

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