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The Greater Sydney Commission Plan for Growing Sydney - Paddington Society SUBMISSION - March 2017


The Paddington Society welcomes the opportunity to make submisson in response to the Greater Sydney Commission Plan draft documents.

The Paddington Society was founded in 1964 to protect the particular heritage of Paddington. Paddington is one of the most significant 19th Century Victorian suburbs in the world. Paddington is protected as a Conservation Area and is the subject to Heritage Controls by both the City of Sydney and Woollahra Councils.

The Society has as a core objective the protection of the heritage significance of Paddington as a place. Our special focus is on the retention of all historic fabric that is visible from the streets, places and lanes that are the public domain of Paddington. The Society is also concerned with the impact of any infill development or new development that is visible from that public domain.

The plans cover a wide range of important social and environmental considerations. However, the Paddington Society will restrict its submission to areas that directly impact our charter...

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Will Mrongovius

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