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NSW Planning Reform Submission - Counsellor John Mant, City of Sydney


John Mant is a former President of the Paddington Society, expert lawyer on planning issues, and respected international planner


 The White Paper and the Bills amount to a proposal for a failed reform:

•  Too much of the current fundamentally flawed system is retained.

•   It has only token regard for the reform opportunities flowing from the implementation of the Minister’s fundamental performance measure – a single parcel formatted digital document of controls.

•  Corruption will be facilitated.

•  It is centralist and undemocratic.

•  It requires, in effect, that 'development controls should not control development'.

•  It proposes a planning regime that is unachievable and a consultation process that is ‘not mandated’.

•  It represents a win over individual communities by the standard product, could-be- anywhere, development industries.

This submission summarises the reasons for these conclusions, and sets out what would be a proper reform.


Read more and be informed by downloading John's submission...

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