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Paddington Society's Submission on the new NSW Planning System - June 25, 2013



The Paddington Society in its 50th year, is one of Australia’s oldest and most successful heritage and community organizations. Paddington is possibly the world’s largest intact Victorian heritage suburb. Since the 1960s, consistent efforts by the community, with strong leadership by The Paddington Society, has seen the retention of important aspects of the heritage and mixed use nature of the suburb despite proposals to demolish and redevelop wholesale parts of the suburb and, over the years, a number of council decisions to permit developments that had no regard to their heritage contexts.


The Paddington Society’s (‘the Society’) submission is directed at those parts of the White Paper that will impact on the Society’s capacity for involvement in the determination of the future direction of Paddington both at a ‘strategic’ level and to contribute in the assessment of development applications in Paddington. The Paddington Society seeks the improvement and protection of the heritage values of Paddington as a Conservation Area through the changes to the planning legislation, not the reverse.



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