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Our 'Plan for Pedestrian, Cycling and Traffic Calming' (Sth Paddington and Centennial Park)... Submission to City of Sydney

An integrated and long-term approach needs to be taken to the design and implementation of this Plan. Transformation over a ten year period is the aim: not short-term fixes that spoil visual and heritage values.

The overall aim is that all streets and public places are made safer and more comfortable for pedestrians and cyclists to use and enjoy in a way that does not detract from heritage and streetscapes values.  Such an outcome is presently far from the case.  Motor traffic dominates street-space use, poses threats and adverse amenity effects.  Equitable and direct ease of access for all users across and along streets is fundamental.  Traffic and parking is at capacity and alternatives to driving should be fostered under the Plan.

A key consideration for the Paddington neighbourhoods – Paddington South and Paddington Urban (centred around South Dowling Street) – is heritage conservation.  These areas form part of the Paddington Conservation Area as listed on the Register of the National Estate as a settlement of national significance

The key overall recommendations to satisfy pedestrian and cyclists' needs and achieve traffic calming under the Plan, are to:

narrow carriageways where excessive widths give rise to high vehicle speeds

create shared zones in selected lanes and appropriate speed zoning for the Village precincts

undertake footpath widening, with attendant landscaping and improved lighting and furniture

introduce more crossings at intersections to establish pedestrian and cycling movement continuity

provide bi-directional bicycle roads, cycleways and lanes for key routes

review the role of classified Main & Arterial Roads (with the RTA and in the context of light-rail, metro an style and/or other public transport initiatives) to significantly improve pedestrian and cycling access across and along these roads

To read the full submission download the PDF below.

April 2009 

by Adrian Boss

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