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If you want to know what is currently occupying the minds of our team of talented architects, town planners, lawyers, communicators, cultural advocates and community activists then you've come to the hot spot for what is happening in Paddington right now:

Updated Constitution for The Paddington Society - November 2021

To reflect the changes in a modern and evolving community The Paddington Society has reviewed and updated its legal constitution as an incorporated entity, via its experienced volunteer legal expert to update the definitions and details of members, its management and conduct, fees, objects and responsibilities in serving the community and protecting Paddington in an impartial and objective way for which it was
formed in 1964 by residents.

As arguably Australia's oldest resident action group it is important to stay relevant and disciplined. We have also reviewed the Objects of The Society to reflect issues and trends that impact this unique heritage village in the context of a growing global city. You can see these 12 Objects in the section entitled "Our Objectives" on this website.


A copy of this detail 14-page Constitution, approved at a Special General Meeting of the Society on November 18th, 2021 is available at this link for your reading pleasure.

Robyn Attuell

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